The Alphawood Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications.  Interested parties are invited to review the following guidelines that describe our current areas of interest.  If you believe that your organization or mission matches one or more of our grantmaking priorities, you may provide your information to us using the form at the bottom of this page.  We regret that we cannot undertake to respond to all such inquiries.

To be eligible to receive a grant from Alphawood Foundation, an organization must be a public charity exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  In addition, Alphawood has a strong preference for organizations whose principal operations in the Chicago metropolitan region or Northwest Indiana.



Alphawood Foundation’s funding generally provides unrestricted, general operating support to non-profit organizations that operate with a clear mission and demonstrate both programmatic and managerial effectiveness.  Eligible organizations must be public charities exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  Funding is focused in the following areas:

Alphawood Foundation funds organizations whose primary mission promotes social change, and whose advocacy activities advance responsive and accountable policies and institutions.

Alphawood Foundation Chicago supports archaeology research with a primary focus on Mayan-based projects in Belize and Guatemala. Proposals are accepted by invitation only. 

Architecture and Preservation
Alphawood Foundation funds organizations whose primary mission honors, promotes, and sustains the built environment.  Qualifying heritage preservation organizations must promote the preservation and protection of historic resources through advocacy, education, fund raising, and/or stewardship.  Qualifying organizations focusing on architecture must promote an equitable, just, and humane society through one or more techniques using concepts related to participatory design, socially engaged design, and sustainable design.

Alphawood Foundation funds organizations that operate with a clear mission and demonstrate both artistic and managerial effectiveness.

Arts Education
Alphawood Foundation funds organizations whose primary mission is dedicated to arts education for children.  Foundation priorities involve:

  • Organizations working on arts-based learning in the Chicago Public Schools
  • Organizations working in communities where opportunities for arts education are scarce
  • Organizations which have defined new, creative and alternative ways of providing arts education to children and youth

Domestic Violence
Alphawood Foundation funds organizations in metropolitan Chicago and Northwest Indiana whose primary mission is domestic violence intervention and prevention.

Alphawood Foundation funds organizations whose primary mission promotes, and works towards the prevention and awareness of HIV/AIDS.

General Interest
Alphawood Foundation values a vibrant, resilient and creative arts sector; a safe, just and equitable society; and healthy and sustainable communities.  Our funding supports organizations that further these values.


Funding Limitations
Alphawood Foundation does not provide grants to individuals; scholarships; film, television or radio production; underwriting or tables for special events; programs; special projects; religious or fraternal purposes; or political campaigns.  Proposals from organizations not currently funded by the Alphawood Foundation are accepted by invitation only.  Prospective new applicants for funding must demonstrate a very strong match between their work and the Foundation’s priorities and guidelines.  Only a limited number of awards will be given to new grantees each year.

If you wish to provide information about your organization to the Alphawood Foundation, please complete the following form.  Our acceptance of your information does not constitute an undertaking to provide funding or to engage in further dialogue with you.  Due to resource constraints, we cannot entertain additional inquiries or contacts.  Thank you for your interest.